10 Habits That Are Blocking Your Joy

Here's a list of ten habits we need to all break ASAP if we want to be happier.  Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.  If you want to improve your quality of life, you can start by breaking bad habits and creating new ones.

1.       Living With Clutter

Clutter speaks dysfunction to your subconscious mind and makes you feel out of control.  If energy in your surroundings is not allowed to flow freely, it creates a feeling of stagnation, frustration and sometimes hopelessness.  Surrounding yourself with things you don’t need or use regularly can cause stagnation and spending too much time looking for things in a chaotic environment can affect different areas of your life, because you are disorganized, running late and missing opportunities. 

Remove things like bills or other stress-inducing items from your sleep environment to prevent stress, depression and insomnia.  Clutter is a Joy killer.

2.       Holding On to Yesterday

Are you a hoarder of negative memories?  Still in touch with your exes?  Won’t forgive?  Things of the past will hold you back.  They take up too much stock in your mind and too much of your valuable energy.  If your vessel is full of old junk, there is no room for the new blessings and opportunities that await you.  When you get rid of that clutter, may as well toss out that animosity, get rid of those negative people around you, and forgive yourself for any mistakes you may have made in the past.

3.       Sharing Too Much

We know sharing is caring, but some things are not meant to be shared.  We all know our dreams, intimate thoughts, ideas and goals are only to be shared with our most trusted confidants.  But make sure your first confidant is yourself.  If you must release or need to bounce ideas, make sure it’s to the right person.  If you feel depleted, discouraged or shameful after sharing with someone, you need to fire that confidant and find another way to release.  You are spending too much time relighting a fire only to have someone put a wet blanket over it again and again.

4.       Living Life on a Whim

Spontaneity can work for certain aspects of your life, but if you don’t have a plan, you are most likely wasting a bunch of valuable time and money.  A wise person once told me, “If you don’t plan your future, someone else will plan it for you.” If you don’t have a game plan, chances are society already has one in place for you. Most of us spend most of our lives building and maintaining someone else’s dream.  If you work for any company besides your own, then you feel me on this.
Take time to set goals and write them down.  Honor yourself by taking steps each day that will eventually enrich your life and place you where you want to be

5.       Feeding Our Vices

What’s your vice? Shopping excessively? Eating excessively? Self-medicating?  All these things affect our level of motivation and steals time and money from us.  We are talking about time and money again because we would all be happier with more of both 😊  Find a healthier, happier way to spend your time and money.  If feeding your vice tends to impose on your quality time, or put you in debt.  You gotta find a way to let it go.  It’s a small price to pay for your happiness.

6.       Constantly Eating Crap

Sugar and carbs give us temporary gratification, but it’s short-lived and the prices we pay for it later – crankiness, tiredness, weight gain, etc, make us very very unhappy.  Cut the crap. Literally. LOL!

7.       Taking on Other People’s Burdens

Someone is telling you of a problem they have, and it instantly becomes your problem.  Now you are stuck working on something while they move on to their next thought.  A lot of times, they never had intentions on fixing that problem themselves.  Stop adopting other people’s issues.  If you want to be a listening ear, practice doing JUST THAT.  Be objective, and don’t allow people to bog you down with their problems. You have enough of your own.  You can be supportive and resourceful without taking on their entire challenge.  Pick your battles wisely.

8.       Doing Stuff… All the Time

When you are always on the go, never making time to sit, breathe, relax, reflect, you are doing yourself a disservice.  You have to treat yourself better.  If you don’t decompress, you can cause some major damage to your mental health.  Pressure bursts pipes.  Stop, breathe, meditate and love on yourself.  You deserve it!

9.       Social Media

Need I say more? Well I’ll say it anyway.  Social media is a mental and spiritual vampire.  Tons of people spilling their guts to the world, ranting, imposing their opinions, sharing heartbreaking photos and videos, and the pressure of keeping up a virtual persona or reputation…. It’s all very very draining. Unplug sometimes.  You’ll thank yourself later.

10.    Avoiding the Elements

Sunlight, water and oxygen all heal, refresh and energize us.  When you spend too much time indoors, especially amongst electronic devices, you zap and drain your energy and you become disconnected.  That’s depressing.  Ever left a room full of fluorescent lights, step outside and instantly feel refreshed and relieved.  That’s the beauty of sunlight and oxygen.  I guarantee there is more of it outside of your door. Taking a dip in a pool, sitting near a lake or pond, or even just watching fish swim in an aquarium has therapeutic effects. Don’t avoid the elements, embrace them.  They are a gift from The Creator.

I’m speaking more joy into your life and my hope is that you can take these jewels and enrich your life.

As always, in all things, be excellent!

With Love,

Shunnie-Pooh Heru