Finding Purpose and Power in Your Pain

Painful experiences are a sure part of all of our lives, and although they bring discomfort and grief, they are necessary for growth. 

We experience pain as a natural defense mechanism.  It is our brain’s way of getting our attention to let us know something wrong is happening and a change needs to be made.  

I guess you can look at it as food/nutrition.  And I think we should handle it as such, so that pain does it’s job without becoming toxic in our lives.  Just like the food we eat, we have to process it.  Our bodies have to break it down, distribute the nutrients and minerals to the places they are needed, then what is left over is discarded as waste.  When we have a painful or uncomfortable experience, we have to process it, take what we need from it, and then discard what no longer serves us.  If we hold on to the pain, instead of releasing it, it becomes toxic to our spirit.  It is not the pain that serves us, but the lesson behind the pain.

Why do we hold on to the pain?  We have the misguided notion that holding on to the pain will somehow protect us by being a constant reminder of what happened, so we don’t allow it to happen again.  This victimizes us and misplaces our power.  This is how we build emotional walls, hold grudges and make judgments.  But we must learn to hold on to the lesson.  It is the lesson we needed.  The pain was just a means to an end.  When we can face the experience, acknowledge the value in it, then we realize that the pain is no longer needed to move forward. 

So how do we release the pain?  Transform it into fuel.  Pain is a form of energy.  We know energy never dies, but it CAN be transformed.  You have to use that pain as a catapult to put yourself in a better place, be it physically, mentally or spiritually.  Apply the lessons, when needed, and distribute them to the places where they make sense in your life.  Don’t let the pain paralyze you. Don’t let the pain breed fear.  FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER.

If you don’t use the pain for it’s purpose, then you suffered for nothing. 

As always, In all things, be excellent.

With Love,

Shunnie-Pooh Heru

Power in the Pain.png