I am Shunnie Pooh-Heru, Mother, Maternal Supportress (Doula), and Divine Encourager. I am a Dallas native who's taken a long walk on a short path. My goals include providing encouragement and inspiration to others who are on a constant path of elevation, and for those who desire to become parents. I am here to support mothers and families through prenatal and postnatal periods.

An everyday, hard-working woman, I am on a constant path to betterment.  With this stage, I hope to inspire other people like me in evolving into our higher selves, and supporting one another in our individual life journeys.

There is no judgment, criticism, or anything here, that is not soul-nutritious and spoken from a place of love and high intention.

Your participation in my journey is honored and appreciated, and I appreciate being a part of yours.

Each blog post has audio for those who are on-the-go, so be sure to stay connected through all major social media accounts.